How A Data Recovery Engineer Performs His Magic

We all experienced lost or corrupted files and we all know how it feels especially when you need it as soon as possible. The worst thing about this is that you cannot blame anyone, and you cannot make anyone else take the blame or take responsibility. The good news is that there are Data Recovery Engineers who can help us in these times of need. A lot of people are calling these people magicians since nobody really understands how they do their thing. The reason behind that is that there are so many ways in order to recover some data that you have lost one way or another.

Hidden File
There are some types of computer virus and malware that “hides” your files so you cannot see them. When you open a drive whether it’s a flash drive or a hard disk drive, you will not see what you are looking for. But rest assured that they are there in that particular drive. A data recovery engineer will just have to make the computer show hidden files through the settings. If this is the issue then all of your files will show up or will be taken into one folder. All you have to do is to change the properties and unclick “hidden” in the window.

The same is true when you see shortcuts of your files instead of the real file. The real file is still there, you just have to follow the steps above.

Computer Memory
There are extreme cases when all of the files are deleted from the drive, or the drive was accidentally formatted. Some people say its hacked but really, it’s not. There are really some instances where these extreme cases can happen. Maybe there is a glitch somewhere in your system. Again, you don’t have to worry. A data recovery engineer can use a program to retrieve all the deleted and lost files. You shouldn’t get your expectations too high though, because some of the files that may be recovered will not be in the same way you left them.

How it Works?
Operating systems, especially Windows automatically remembers that files that have been stored in it for some time. By using a certain kind of program, you can reopen them again and save them somewhere else. There are many programs that you can use. Some of them are actually pretty basic which can allow you to do the magic yourself.

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