Can Data Ever Be Recovered From A Wiped Hard Drive?

Hard drives have been one of the tools people use in order to save tons of data in a fast and reliable way. Hard drives such as memory cards, flash drives, and computer hard disks are usually used in a daily basis; this means people are heavily reliant to these hard drives in order make work and life a bit easier. If ever the files stored on those hard drives are ever deleted or corrupted, it may cause a person problem with work, school or just a personal problem. One may have stored files that he/she have been working on for a long time and then in a way just gets deleted. For instances where important files are deleted, one should immediately seek out the help of a data recovery expert.

A lot of people think that once a file has been deleted on his/her flash drive that the data is lost forever. In reality, when a person deletes a file, the data was never really deleted, just hidden. This makes deleted files possible to recover, so even in a person’s wipes his/her drive clean, the files can still be recovered.

Deleted Data Are Not Really Deleted
What happens when a person deletes files or wiped hard drive, is that it would first go to the recycle bin(if on windows), and then when deleted again, only the markers for the file are now erased and does not include the data of the file itself. An easy way to explain this would be, to first think of a folder that has multiple pieces of paper on it, each paper is labeled from 1 – 10 according to the page number. Now the way a computer works is that it only relies on looking for page numbers in order to know if there any data on the page. When a person deletes a file, what really happens is that it will only remove the page number of the pieces of paper, the paper is still there, the only difference is that all the pieces of papers have a page number of 0(zero), which then prompts the computer to think that the piece of paper is now available for new data to be stored.

Files May Not Be Deleted but They May Be Overwritten
This means that deleted files on a hard drive or wiped hard drive can still be recovered, though the help of data carving tools used by recovery specialists. The thing to be noted here is that when a person accidentally deletes a file that is of importance, he/she should immediately take the drive to the recovery specialist in order to recover the files because the more time a person wastes the bigger chances of the deleted file to be overwritten.

One important thing to know is that, when a file is deleted, although the actual data of the file is still there, the computer has already labeled it as available for space, so if any new file is stored in the drive, it may overwrite the deleted file and make the recovery proves a lot harder with smaller chance of recovery.